Thermcam offers a range of high quality temperature screening thermographic cameras that are designed to detect on the spot of skin-surface temperatures, with a high accuracy (±0.3°C), enabling rapid preliminary screening of up to 30 people at a time ideal for busy public spaces such as airports, hospitals, shopping centres or even work places.


The cameras are proving to be a useful kit in the fight against corona virus as it helps identify and isolate individuals that are symptomatic sooner, thus preventing the risk of transmission of the potential virus to others.

This tool can help instil confidence across in your sector and provide a degree of assurance to the public or your employees that are either already working or planning to return to work as restrictions ease. Our products can be one of the planning measures in the post corona world to reduce operational risk; businesses can make use of thermal video technology to identify at the earliest any employees displaying abnormal temperature readings and take appropriate action without delay and prevent unknowingly risking the spread of potential viruses to other key workers.




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  • Planning & Design + Recommendation

  • Wide selection of thermal camera products at competitive prices across the UK

  • 1 hours of step-by-step setup & walk-though with our technician via video call


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  • Planning & Design + Recommendation

  • Wide selection of thermal camera products at competitive prices across the UK

  • On-site installation by trained professionals​ - costs varies depending on location


Vodafone UK recently started using heat detection cameras to help its staff get back to work safely, as as part of preparation being made once the government lock-down restriction is eased. The thermal  cameras will be used to screen the temperature of people as they enter buildings. Each camera can check the temperature of 100 people per minute; thermal images are streamed securely and in real time to a laptop or mobile device and instant analytics provide a discreet alert that a person may have a raised temperature. The solution can screen up to eight people at a time and 100 every minute; it takes less than half a second to assess individual body temperatures. The thermal camera is ideal for all business and public sector customers; it can provide reassurance to employees and customers and protect front-of-house staff.


BBC's transport correspondent Tom Burridge reports thermal cameras are being tested at Bournemouth Airport, to see if they can detect carriers of the Coronavirus before they infect others.

"By deploying thermographic technology as part of a range of measures, Bournemouth Airport and others can begin planning to reopen for business safely, protecting passengers and employees and instilling confidence.." S Gill, MD of Bournemouth Airport


Stadium staff at the new Dragon's Heart field hospital at the Principality Stadium are amongst the first in the UK to benefit from the use of thermal image based skin-surface temperature measuring technology, which provides rapid, contact-free alert on readings of elevated temperature detection on staff walking past the thermal cameras. This technology will help identify abnormal temperature and help isolate those who may have gone on undetected and unwittingly pass on the virus to other members of staff at the hospital

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