The Hikvision DS-2TE127-G4A Black Body is a thermal camera calibrator which when used alongside the Hikvision thermal imaging cameras (excluding handheld range) can increase the accuracy to +-0.3c.


As a standard radiation source, black body has been widely used for calibrating infrared light system, measuring material emissivity, measuring parameters of infrared sensor, and transmitting temperature between infrared emitter and thermal device.


 Key Features:

  • Supports calibration of thermal device in high accuracy to +-0.3c
  • Supports different temperature settings
  • High accuracy and good stability
  • Easy temperature calibration and correction
  • Strong ability of anti-interference
  • 2 years manufacturers warranty

Hikvision Black Body Calibrator DS-2TE127-G4A

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  • Model



    • Dimension120 mm × 103 mm × 170 mm (4.72” × 4.06” × 6.69”)
    • Weight1.85 Kg (4.08 lb)
    • Power InputAC 100-240V
    • Power OutputDC 24V


    • EMCPass

    Black body recommended installation height

    • 1.7m for all cameras

    Black body distance (between camera & black body)

    • ≤1.0m for DS-2TD1217B-3/P or DS-2TD2617B-3/P
    • ≤2.0m for DS-2TD1217B-6/P or DS-2TD2617B-6/P
    • ≤3.0m for DS-2TD2637B-10/P
    • ≤5.0m for DS-2TD2637B-15/P

    *Product performance is based on testing in a controlled environment. Your results may vary due to sever